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New Precision Grinder

Last year, Chesterfield Tool & Engineering won a large, overseas project, making precision stamping dies. The design basis of the dies required gage like tolerancing, for interchangeability of the die components. To meet this need, Chesterfield Tool procured an ultra-precision grinder from the Industry leader Okamoto Corporation.   The ACC-DX series of grinders is one of the most widely used grinders in existence. It is easy to operate and delivers consistent performance, accuracy and reliability unmatched by any grinder it their class.

The Okdamoto ACC-DX is a great compliment to Chesterfield Tool & Engineering’s grinding department. Chesterfield Tool has O.D. and I. D. grinding as well as Surface Grinding and Jig Grinding. Precision grind of shafts always require demagnetizing. Chesterfield Tool can demagnetize parts that can fit within a 13” x 16” window. We validate de-magnetism with a Gauss meter.


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